Good News for Bad Juju

Bad Juju & Other Tales of Madness and Mayhem by Sirenland’s Jonathan Woods (2008 & 2009 sessions) was a featured book at the 2010 Texas Book Festival.  And Jonathan was one of four writers included in The Onion’s Austin A.V. coverage of the Festival (the other writers being Jennifer Egan, Jeff Lindsey and Philipp Meyer): “The Franzen-O-Meter: Ranking the authors of the Texas Book Festival.”

Bad Juju made several best-of-2010 lists including that of the Barnes and

Noble mystery book club blog Ransom Notes, where blogger Jed Ayres wrote: “The fever dream state produced by sampling several stories in a row from newcomer Woods is something you may or may not look forward to. I do. I relish the funhouse distortion it puts on the world when I come up for air. A pinch of Charles Bukowski, a dash of Hunter S. Thompson and a heaping spoonful of David Lynch might describe the aesthetic. Might. Jonathan Woods has a unique voice. You’ve got to read “Incident in the Tropics.””

Most recently the award-winning critic Jon L. Breen reviewed Bad Juju in his Jury Box column in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine: “These 19 tales of erotic or absurdist noir are lively, imaginative, sometimes parodic, often darkly funny, accurately likened on the back-cover blurb to opium dreams and Quentin Tarantino. The final novella, “No Way, José,” is especially reminiscent in style and mood of Pulp Fiction. Exotic backgrounds abound, with “Incident in the Tropics,” equally damning of the Ugly American and the unscrupulous local, a strong example. Not my usual cup of tea, but it’s all executed with enormous skill by a writer of formidable talent.”

And last but not least Jonathan just informed us that his crime novel A Death in Mexico is forthcoming from New Pulp Press in April 2012.  An excerpt from A Death in Mexico was just published in the London, UK-based webzine Beat the Dust.

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