Applications for the 2109 conference taking place from April 7-13, 2019 will open on September 15.

Please read the the following FAQs, read the page on Fees and Deadlines, and proceed to our Submission Manager to apply.

Application FAQs

Q: Does the work I submit with the application have to be the same piece I plan to bring to the workshop?

A: Not necessarily. You may submit published or unpublished work with the application. We will ask you to submit writing for the workshop approximately six weeks before the conference begins.

Q: How important is the statement of purpose?

A: We take it very seriously. Please tell us about your goals for this workshop and for your career and provide us with any other information about yourself that you feel is important.

Q: Can I apply for the fellowship? Is there assistance available?

A:  No. We cannot provide financial assistance at this time. The fellowship cannot be applied for.

Q: The size limit for work submitted with the application is 7000 words. Can I submit two or more pieces if they come under the word count?

A: Please submit only one piece of work. It’s fine if it’s well under 7000 words. We’re looking for quality, not quantity.

Q: Can I change or edit my application after I submit it?

A: No. You can only update your contact information. Once you click the submit button, it’s in.

Q: What’s up with the ten-dollar application fee?

A: We take each and every application very seriously and consider each one carefully.  Without an application fee it was too easy for people who had no intention of attending Sirenland to simply upload work.  The fee is a small hurdle to separate serious applicants from tourists.

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